“AMKE- Limnos Touristic”

“AMKE-Limnos Touristic” is a non profit organization aiming at the economical and social development of the county of Limnos, through marking out and promoting its touristic, cultural and productive sources.
It was set up from the cooperation of local bearers, public and private, who are working for the development of the region and is administrated by the General Assembly of the Associates and an Administrative Council.
Its major aim is the establishment of Limnos and Agios Efstratios as touristic destinations of “high quality and ecological value”.
More specifically AMKE:

  • Marks out the touristic, cultural and productive sources of the islands
  • Promotes the natural environment, the cultural heritage and their history
  • Encourages the organization of activities and events, supporting alternative tourism
  • Informs young people in issues such as education and employment in traditional works and professions, contributing thus in the preservation of the cultural heritage and the support of the local economy and tourism.
  • Promotes the continuous improvement of the offered services to the visitors.

Bearers who participate in AMKE

SubPrefecture of Limnos
Municipality of Myrina
Municipality of Moudros
Municipality of Atsiki
Municipality of Nea Koutali
Community of Agios Efstratios
Limnos Hoteliers Association
Chamber of Lesvos (Division of Limnos)
Limnos Traders Association